Authentic realism

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The new Vivo collection offers an interpretation of wood with a surface of stunning elegance, featuring knots, marks and subtle vibrations. With Vivo, the wood look combines with the 3D Ink Premium technology, which achieves perfect matching between patterning and three-dimensional structure, to deliver an experience that is both sensory and visual.

The beauty of wood receives a fresh interpretation with Vivo, the innovative porcelain stoneware collection from Marazzi with a surface of stunning elegance, featuring exquisite knots, splits and subtle shade variations to create an irresistible wood look.

The ground-breaking 3D Ink technology is the secret behind this material’s realistic effect and unique depth. This Premium technology not only generates impeccable synchrony between patterning and structures but also adds slightly glossy inclusions to the matt surface, giving each piece a distinctive matched combination of substance, colour and texture.

The new Vivo wood-effect stoneware thus transforms the concept of a floor covering into a sensory and visual experience, while offering a beautiful, contemporary take on the wood aesthetic.

The Vivo collection comprises four colours – two light, Sabbia and Grano, and two dark, Tabacco and Castano, – available in a wide assortment of sizes: 22.5×180, 20×150, 20×120 and 11×54 cm chevron.  The slightly glossy surface further enhances the collection’s “woody” appearance and makes Vivo stoneware planks suitable for use in a vast range of applications, extended by compatibility with other Marazzi materials inspired by various types of marble, stone and Venetian Seminato floorings, as well as all the wall covering collections. The outdoor surface, in 20×150 and 20×120 cm sizes, adds an additional dimension by enabling Vivo’s installation in outdoor areas too, thus extending its design and decoration potentials.

Vivo brings creativity to any project, both indoors and outdoors, and guarantees not only an immaculate aesthetic but also a commitment to environmental sustainability, confirmed by Greenguard, EPD and HPD certifications, as well as its manufacture from recycled material.