Authentic living spaces

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Marazzi’s new advertising images feature warm, welcoming settings. A kitchen in a modern farmhouse connected to the colors of the land and to traditional materials. A living area that introduces the architecture of modernist pavilions to a contemporary living space.

Marazzi’s new international advertising campaign presents warm, cosy spaces created using very high-performance materials thanks to the performance delivered by the Premium Technologies used to produce them and their lower environmental impact, which is now an essential factor when choosing materials for the home.

Always attuned to the language of contemporary communication (see “Epoch-making advertising”), Marazzi proposes two solutions for the 2022 campaign: the first is the kitchen of a contemporary farmhouse set in the Mediterranean landscape; the second is a living room, almost a lounge/studio, evoking the architecture of modernist pavilions. Realistic environments where you can feel a human presence. Although they conjure different moods, the two advertising subjects are warm, lived-in spaces with careful storytelling that showcases the versatility of the company’s product applications.

In the kitchen, the image of a traditional farmhouse is combined with references to Milanese rationalist architecture. In particular to Giuseppe Pagano’s 1940s interiors, featuring the use of glass brick on the walls, evoked here by the vibrant luminosity of Crogiolo Lume wall tiles in the new Off White and Beige colors. To demonstrate the collection’s versatility, Lume is also used for the table legs, once again in the Beige shade. The farmhouse setting is not rustic, but modern and warm, albeit connected to the land and its traditions, an element emphasised by the hyper-technical stone-effect stoneware from the Uniche collection in the Ostuni finish, also installed on the outdoor paving for a continuous effect between indoors and outdoors. A collection with innovative performance inspired by the tactility of limestone with rich shine and shade variations. Earth shades and a reference to nature are evoked not only by the floor and wall coverings, but also by the table, made with a high thickness (12 mm) The Top Marble Look Verde Borgogna stoneware slab in a color that recalls the inner covering of the kitchen module in Resin Look Verderame.

The extensive use of porcelain stoneware for the various surfaces in the space not only demonstrates the material’s possible applications, but above all its aesthetic and design potential: it is precisely the mix & match between the different tactile effects, colors and textures of stone, marble, resin and ceramics that gives rise to unexpected interior design possibilities.

The living room has a more architectural look that is not, however, minimalist, since it is brimming with lifestyle details such as the wooden bookcase and the furniture full of books and personal items. The room was constructed around the idea of a designer or design lover in a space packed with architectural solutions. There is a reference to the famous pavilions of international modernism, connected to the outside through large openings and featuring marble cladding that delineates surfaces and articulates space. With the aim of intersecting architectural volumes, wall coverings are used with very large Grande Marble Look Bianco Arni Bookmatch porcelain stoneware slabs and with Grande Marble Look Verde Cipollino, which distinguishes the projecting elements such as the platform or the console under the window. The Grande Marble Look Quarzo Bluegrey collection was used for the floor, displaying a play of light and an effective mix & match between different marble effects. Finally, to emphasise the use of large slabs for furnishings, the table top in the centre of the room is made of a 12 mm The Top Marble Look Elegant Black stoneware slab.

Concept & Art Direction: Il Magma

Thanks to
Vitra – Standard chairs designed by Jean Prouvé
Flos – Toio lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni
Acerbis Design – Moodboard Consoles designed by Massimo Mariani
Exteta – Bellagio Round Coffee Tables designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba