Art: the new stoneware inspired by Venetian Terrazzo

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Combining the appearance of marble and concrete, the collection updates the tradition of Seminato floors with the latest interior design trends.

One of the most fascinating aspects of industrial innovation is its ability to offer the design world rare natural materials that can no longer be used in architecture and coatings made with craft techniques typical of other eras.

One of the greatest expressions of the new technologies applied in the ceramic industry is Venetian Seminato flooring, with a Terrazzo or granulated marble tile look, which can now also be achieved on high-performance technical stoneware thanks to digital techniques.

Originally designed to cover prestigious Italian architecture and used in ancient Rome, Terrazzo is back in vogue in new or renovated locations, including commercial sites. Today, it represents a high-value, sophisticated, elegant solution created by hand in its original expression by skilled craftsmen with knowledge of the craft.

Art by Marazzi fits within this trend, updating the tradition of Seminato floors with the latest interior design trends: fragments and marble chips inserted in the cement base are designed to create a slight, but intense speckled effect. This results in a delicate, natural effect on the surface of the porcelain stoneware which is well-suited to contemporary contexts and to fast application needs.

Suitable for every room in the house, for commercial locations and outdoor areas, Marazzi stoneware, combined with the designers’ most contemporary choices, creates an elegant reference to the past in contemporary, minimalist spaces with refined optical effects and equally intriguing contrasts.

Available with a glossy or matt surface, in sizes that range from 120×120 to 30×60 cm and in 5 neutral, delicate colours – White, Beige, Grey, Taupe and Anthracite – Art stoneware is a sophisticated blend of past and present, tradition and modernity.

The structured version in the 80x80x2 cm square size is particularly striking. It is ideal for outdoor spaces and for creating visual continuity between indoors and outdoors.

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