Architectural renovation (and more)

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Antonio García Bueno’s fascinating redevelopment project in Loma Verde, near Granada (Spain), transforms an anonymous 1980s villa into a pure white, contemporary building.

For the renovation of this single-family home in Loma Verde, near Granada (Spain), architect Antonio García Bueno worked on upgrading both the energy and architectural aspects of the project, which was completed with a swimming pool area in the garden.

The need to improve the comfort, energy efficiency and interior layout with a more contemporary aesthetic language is the basis of the redevelopment project for this single-family home, located on a small suburban plot in Loma Verde, Albolote, near Granada.

An independent building constructed in series over the course of the ’80s, during the intense urbanization of the city’s peripheral area, but, as often happens in these circumstances, lacking in any special qualities from an architectural and compositional standpoint, yet surrounded by an attractive garden.

The renovation commissioned to architect Antonio García Bueno fully complied with the requests of the owner who wanted a home for himself and his family that was more in keeping with their new lifestyle and functional needs.
The renovation also involved the external façade, using an external jacket system that not only improved energy consumption, but also changed the original aesthetic, giving the building a minimalist, functional and contemporary look.

Inside, on the ground floor, the large diaphanous, bright and open living space is connected to the kitchen, portico and outdoor area, while the bedroom area is located on the second floor. Materials, complements and furnishing elements have been chosen from the best Italian brands.

The pool is undoubtedly the project’s playful and relaxing element and it is certainly the most rejuvenating feature: it can be enjoyed all year round thanks to Andalusia’s warm climate. Here, the choice of the Antracite finish from Marazzi’s Mystone Pietra di Vals series, made using High Performance technology, has created a marked chromatic contrast with the light-coloured flooring surrounding the house, as though to define a more natural area characterised by water and quartzite, reproduced with extraordinary accuracy in porcelain stoneware by Marazzi. Mystone Pietra di Vals, which in the various sizes – 60×120, 30×120, 60×60 and 30×60 cm – permits the random installation pattern typical of natural stone, was used not only for the vertical covering featured on the pool and its perimeter walls, but also for the edges, steps and shower area due to its outstanding non-slip properties, tactility and resistance to moisture and weathering.    



Ph: José Garrido