Black and white. Timeless elegance

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Allmarble, Black & White Stoneware - 1

Allmarble stoneware for bathroom, kitchen and living room.

With the Allmarble by Marazzi collection, you can enjoy the timeless elegance of marble with all the properties of stoneware. 

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of the through-body coloured porcelain stoneware,  Allmarble offers an innovative take on the finest marbles, granting designers new compositional freedom thanks to a great variety of sizes and finishes.

With Allmarble stoneware, fine marbles are now accessible to everyone and can be used to bring exquisite elegance to any home, without compromising on practical aspects. From the living room to the kitchen and bathroom, but also outdoor spaces: thanks to the 20 mm thickness of slabs, which guarantees excellent resistance to loads, Allmarble is also suitable for public areas. 
The marbles are offered in four different surface finishes that enhance veining and colour in different ways: lux, natural, structured and "silk", the new satin finish that evokes the passing of time, even to the touch.

The Allmarble colours reproduce seven different fine marbles: Lasa, Statuario, Raffaello, Altissimo, Travertino, Saint Laurent and Frapuccino. A combination of dark and light marbles for creating interesting decorative effects in black and white.
The appeal of Allmarble lies in the freedom to play with a real design classic - marble tiles - in a totally new and contemporary way: indeed, Allmarble can be combined in several different sizes, from large slabs to ultra-modern hexagonal tiles and strip tiles for herringbone compositions. For example, even a simple 60x60 square tile can express a bold, modern style by combining two different marbles in contrasting black and white.

Let the photo gallery inspire you to create an elegant, contemporary interior in black and white with Allmarble.