Allmarble and Materika are portrayed by Andrea Ferrari in the new Marazzi 2016 advertising campaign.

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Allmarble and Materika are portrayed by Andrea Ferrari in the new Marazzi 2016 advertising campaign. - 1

A bathroom that is simple but has a striking personality thanks to the use across whole walls of Materika 3D ceramic tiles, and an imaginary boutique hotel renovated using Allmarble slabs, star in the new Marazzi advertising campaign, which will appear starting in April 2016.

The photography is by Andrea Ferrari with styling by Stefania Vasquez, and the images reflect an intimate, personal approach to home design that effectively conveys all the expressive strength of these new materials: the surprising relief variation in the slimline 3D surface of Materika and the timeless elegance of the exquisite Saint Laurent and Statuario marbles in the Allmarble collection. 

The products and the stories of those who inhabit the featured spaces are recounted with a close-up, almost slow-motion focus on the three-dimensional structure of Materika Spatula, the vein patterns and hexagonal shape of Allmarble, and a variety of objects that reflect a highly individual choice of interior decoration.

Materika is the new collection of slimline, large-size wall tiles by Marazzi which received the Associazione del Design Industriale (ADI - Italian Industrial Design Association) Ceramics Design Award for its three-dimensional structures created in a low-thickness material. It was developed by the Marazzi Style Centre for renovation projects and for covering walls with neutral colours and structures which do not reflect the light.

Allmarble is Marazzi's interpretation of seven choice types of marble, some of the rarest and most classical, produced with ground-breaking technologies that successfully translate the elegance of marble onto time-immune technical stoneware.

The campaign includes the leading, most respected international magazines and websites dedicated to home decoration, interior design and architecture.

Take a backstage look at the Marazzi campaign.


Thanks to

Andrea Ferrari – ph

Stefania Vasquez - styling

Gianluca Rossi + Netribe – art direction

Lia Di Gregorio - jewellery

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