3 ideas for seaside home floors

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What floor should you choose for a seaside home? - 1

Decorated or plain? Contemporary or traditional? The right choice of stoneware for your holiday home!

Designing and furnishing a seaside home can be exciting and great fun: compared to your main home, you spend less time in your second home (but generally when you are taking a break and relaxing) and you can risk unusual or more emphatic choices.
What’s more, holiday resorts are often places with their own clearly defined style, so you can fit in with patterns and colours derived from the local tradition or culture.
All in all, there are fewer constraints, there is less risk you will become tired of the design scheme, and you can be more flamboyant and daring.

So what floor should you choose for a seaside home?


Before turning to aesthetics, a short note on convenience: the best materials and coverings for coastal zones - especially in the case of outdoor paved areas exposed to sun, salt and weather - must be particularly hard-wearing and easy to care for. These homes are often not lived in (and thus cleaned) for long periods of time, so the tiles chosen should be immune to extreme temperatures, sunlight and heat, non-absorbent and easy to clean even after lengthy neglect.

So there is really no need to state the obvious: porcelain stoneware is perfect for seaside locations.


Floor covering for a seaside home: which material effect? 


Stoneware offers a virtually infinite variety of material effects, colours, decors and surfaces (matt, glossy and structured), so it will not be difficult to find the right floor covering for your seaside home. But let’s take a look at 3 in particular, which summarise the main trends.


  1. Stone-effect stoneware: a versatile, elegant classic. From marble to local stones, stone is an excellent, stylistically very adaptable solution, which can add beauty to any architectural choices. There is a large assortment of sizes, neutral, varied shades and textures, which even allow continuous flooring and paving of indoor and outdoor areas.
  2. Cement tile or majolica-effect stoneware: a stylish reworking of tradition. Decoration is wonderful for bestowing a unique character on any location, giving it personality and brio. Decorated tiles can be used to create ceramic carpets or large colourful surfaces; walls and furnishings can even be tiled to match.
  3. Terracotta and concrete-effect stoneware: for lovers of the most minimalist solutions and plain, neutral surfaces, the terracotta or concrete-effect is a reassuring, elegant choice. Not only verandas, terraces and gardens but also relaxation areas and pools: porcelain stoneware is able to cover any space, also of a home by the sea. 


Safe and tough, indoors and outdoors

From indoor to outdoor spaces, stoneware enables continuous tiling of areas inside and outside the home: this is a major benefit, especially since second homes are often small, and uniform flooring and paving expands the size of rooms.

And if the seaside home also has a solarium or pool area, porcelain stoneware is the perfect covering material here too, from the poolside zone to the outdoor shower.

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