Extra-thick 20 mm stoneware: the ideal solution for beach club pavings

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20mm Stoneware for Beach Resorts Walkways - 1

Stone, marble, terracotta, concrete and wood are the inspiration materials for the design of paths and walkways on the beach

Porcelain stoneware in the 20 mm thickness is an excellent alternative to the conventional materials normally used for beach club pavings, walkways and paths.

This is thanks to the many characteristics offered by porcelain stoneware.

These include: outstanding resistance to wear, a major advantage in very damp, windy, salty beach environments; easy, convenient cleaning and care to guarantee high hygiene standards; and a large assortment of finishes, which allow locations to be given a distinctive design scheme with the aid of unconventional pavings, bestowing a more modern, contemporary look.

The thickness of 20 mm, specifically manufactured for the design of outdoor spaces, guarantees outstanding resistance to loads and stresses and is also easily laid dry straight on sand.
The range of Marazzi stoneware in the 20 mm thickness is very wide, including in all nine collections inspired by five different materials — marble, terracotta, concrete, wood and stone — available in various sizes.

When it comes to designing a beach club, lighter colours not only match the landscape’s natural colours but also heat up less in the sunlight than darker finishes, making them the best option.

Treverkhome20 wood-effect stoneware, in its paler shades such as Rovere and Larice, is one of the most popular choices for this very reason.

Other options include the paler finishes in the Mystone and Multiquartz20 stone-effect series.

Last but not least, with Plaster20 in Sand finish, the tactile effect of concrete also becomes a possible solution for beach club pavings.