1935 – 2015. Marazzi celebrates 80 years of age

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Marazzi celebrates 80 years of age  - 1



80 years of beauty and quality, 80 years of research and experimentation, 80 years of product and process innovation, which have also marked fundamental milestones in the history of industrial ceramics: tunnel kilns; the first stoneware;
the first cooperation with top designers; the patent for single-firing,  the revolutionary process that fires the tile body and glaze together, still the world’s most widely used ceramic covering manufacturing technology. Not to mention the first large-sized tile, the first high technical strength product, which extended the locations in which ceramics could be used to building facades, squares and urban pavements; leading-edge research into colour, the interpretation of natural materials, and latest-generation stonewares, which incorporate vestiges and recollections from sources remote from conventional ceramics to create an absolutely new, completely authentic material.
An industrial story, not only of three generations of great Italian entrepreneurs, the Marazzi Family, but also of everyone who worked for the firm in past or does so today with all the great passion for beauty, quality and innovation  for which Marazzi is famous worldwide.