100.000 Marazzi ceramic tiles for the Torre Arcobaleno (Rainbow Tower) in Milan

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Marazzi ceramic tiles for the Torre Arcobaleno  - 1

100.000 Marazzi ceramic tiles in 14 colors are shining again on the Rainbow Tower that has been “given back” to the city of Milan on the occasion of Expo 2015, 25 years after the first renovation ahead of the football World Cup held in Italy in 1990.

Now as then, in 1990, the project was prepared and the works organised by the Architecture Division of the Milan firm Original Designers 6R5 Network, represented by Francesco Roggero, Albino Pozzi, Rita Alfano Roggero and Kiyoto Ishimoto.

Dating back to 1964 and once upon a time an anonymous water reservoir on the site of the important FS Milano Porta Garibaldi railway station, the Tower was first renovated ahead of the football World Cup held in Italy in 1990, a project that turned a downtrodden public works into a highly recognisable urban beacon.

The renovation - all the costs of which were met by the project’s partner companies  Bazzea – B Construction TechnologyCondorFila SolutionsMapei and Marazzi and the architects - is a gift to Milan and the millions of visitors it will be welcoming during Expo 2015. The works were completed in just 71 days, employing 37 workers.

And like in 1990, Sistem C by Marazzi was once again chosen to breathe new life into Torre Arcobaleno, a complete range of twenty-five colours, three surfaces (glossy, matt and structured non-slip), four formats and two 3D effect relief structures, is the ideal ally for the colour design of floors and surfaces in public and residential architectures. Environmentally-aware ceramics that are LEED®-certified thanks to the recycled material used in their production process.

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