Wall System 6 and 12

Wall System 6

Wall System 6 allows the installation of 160x320, 120x240 and 120x120 cm 6 mm-thick porcelain stoneware slabs on a ventilated wall without visible fixing elements. This innovative technology exploits the high performance of the latest-generation construction adhesives, assisted by mechanical supports. The covering’s large slabs are fixed with a structural adhesive to a substructure with vertical uprights.

Wall System 12

Marazzi combines the lightness of the 6 mm thickness with the solidity of the 12 mm slabs. An innovative technology, perfected and customised in a new factory that only produces porcelain stoneware slabs, enabling the creation of extremely sophisticated surfaces that do not change over time and are even more resistant. The 12 mm-thick slabs are hooked to a ventilated wall through a system similar to the AGS concealed anchoring system with an anchor bolt and mounting system with uprights and stringers. The 12 mm-thick slab is reinforced with aluminium profile bars by mechanical fasteners in order to distribute the acting loads in multiple areas.