Sun screens

Brise-soleils in Marazzi porcelain stoneware are an architectural solution with excellent appearance and functional values. Marazzi Engineering offers the important capability for integrating brise-soleil solutions with the ventilated curtain wall technology, bringing balance and harmony to architectural projects while meeting the rules and criteria for ecosustainable design. The relationships between solid volumes and empty spaces can be manipulated to create effects that upgrade the whole look of the building’s exterior, conceived as the sum of totally integrated architectural features. There is also the functional benefit of providing protection against direct sunlight.

Marazzi Engineering gives architects the freedom to choose between two different system solutions, fixed or adjustable, meaning that the angle of inclination of the brise-soleil blades can be varied in response to geographical, seasonal and building orientation parameters.

Optimal control of the solar radiation reaching the building in the form of light and heat, generating:
• Impressive energy savings
• Improved internal comfort levels
• Insulation against nocturnal heat loss
• Improved air recycling
• Integrated styling of blank
• Wall and window sections of the building
• Low maintenance
• More attractive building appearance thanks to the choice of a wide range of ceramic products available within the marazzi offering
• The material is resistant to thermal shock and weather
• The ceramic wall covering material used retains its technical and appearance characteristics over time.