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Marazzi always searches the best materials for the covering of its ventilated walls.
From porcelain stoneware, to marble, granite and natural stone, to terra cott up to extruded materials, Marazzi uses materials with high technical qualities and exceptional performances. Not only functional benefits, but most of all materials with high aesthetical content, able to give strong identity to every ventilated wall. It is thus possibile to achieve, by fully exploiting the modular anchoring system, combinations of sizes and colours that are impossible with other facade solutions, such as trademarks, designs and decorative motifs.

The various covering options also include high-tech Marazzi porcelain stoneware and crystallised stoneware, the material that is without doubt the best combination of durability and technical performance, including

  • resistance to bending
  • compression
  • harsh weather conditions, chemicals, frost and fire resistance
  • light weight

While guaranteeing a compatible thickness and size for all Marazzi anchoring systems.

Marazzi uses some of the latest production technology in the industry and can offer designers a wide variety of ceramic sizes, such as 30x60 cm and 30x120 cm, right up to large sizes such as 60x120 cm. This opens the door to the most diverse textures and sophisticated architectural solutions, giving designers total flexibility. Surfaces can have different finishes (natural, glazed, polished) and the options for combining different lines are endless. However, bespoke sizes can always be cut for special applications.