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Marazzi's services


In the field of ventilated walls, Marazzi is committed to offering its customers and designers a complete solution, comprehensive of a wide range of services. From the basic design to the final plans, from the actual production of the parts to the installation and assistance on site, Marazzi Engineering is able to supply "turnkey" ventilated walls or to offer its customers the expertise of its technical staff and its experience for the benefit of their projects and resources to resolve any issues concerning the appearance, features or technical specifications.
One of the distinctive qualities of Marazzi that has made it an undisputed benchmark in the industry, is its ability to integrate its solid experience in design and building with the production in house of the majority of the components that make up the package of the facade, subject to strict in house quality control. As far as the design phase is concerned, Marazzi supports architects right from the initial steps in the process, offering suggestions and advice to ensure the ventilated facade will fit in perfectly with the building.

Marazzi's services:

Designing a ventilated wall
Marazzi's technical department works out the executive ventilated wall's project in tight collaboration with the architect, since the beginning of the creative process, giving advices and suggestions in order to grant a perfect integration between architecture and the ventilated wall.

Some basics steps of the process are:

  • Review of the original architectural idea for the outer face; assessment of the requirements in terms of appearance, thermal and acoustic specifications and construction, feasibility study and cost analysis;
  • Assistance for the customer for the selection of materials, colours, facade modules and for developing non-standard architectural solutions
  • Measuring up of the building in question to safeguard a perfect match between the actual wall and the plans for the ventilated facade and definition of the modules for the facade front
  • Definition of the final solution for the facade
  • Detailed design of the substructure and verification of the resistance of the structural components
  • Design of any special processes (e.g. coverings for window frames, electrolytic colouring of support hooks, internal and external corners)
  • Preparation of the list of materials and supply, where required, of the thermal conductivity data of the facade package for the energy certification of the building
  • Issuing of purchase orders for the parts for the substructure and covering

Production and procurement
Strength of Marazzi is that it can count on Marazzi Group’s high production capacity to make any type of facing in high technology porcelain stoneware.
Marazzi also has an in-house production unit for A.G.S. and Modul Panel anchoring systems. For Marazzi, this means a radical reduction in delivery times for many solutions of ventilated walls, the supply of plates pre-assembled with the plugs (or pre-assembled if the Modul Panel system has been chosen) and the guarantee of superior quality standards thanks to the certified, in-house control procedures. For all the parts that are not produced in house, Marazzi Engineering works with leading European manufacturers of substructures and anchoring systems.

Site installation
Marazzi invests heavily at the installation stage because it is convinced this is the only way to fully meet the customer’s expectations in terms of the technical specifications, design and quality of the finished product. Site management and disposal of trustworthy highly qualified and experienced personnel are activites to which Marazzi devotes special care. Its technical personnel are always on site throughout the assembly stage, making it possible to achieve total, ongoing control of the quality of the job.

The flow of work involved for site installation can be summarised as follows:

  • Preparation of the materials and delivery to the site
  • Layout of the structural network on the rendered facade
  • Securing of the vertical structure to the wall using brackets
  • Application of the thermal insulation
  • Installation of the vertical and horizontal structure (for the A.G.S., Modul Panel and Key Panel systems)
  • Securing of the covering plates

Solutions in detail
At Marazzi, the focus on defining the details of a ventilated wall solution starts right at the design stage.

The details that are most frequently involved include:

  • Electrolytic colouring of the support hooks for the plates so that they are the same colour as the plates
  • Electrolytic colouring of the aluminium sections for the substructure, usually with a natural finish, to prevent corrosion caused by brackish air or to give the face visual uniformity and colour
  • Production of window frames and doorways with covering plates applied on specially designed substructures to solve specific project demands
  • "Quarter" cutting of corner plates

Maintenance Tips
Marazzi’s service also continues after the ventilated wall is in place with the supply of a tips and standards manual to safeguard proper use and maintenance of the facade, if required.