(VE) Italy


  • Francesco Steccanella
  • Roberto Galasso


  • Ventilated façade


  • Residential



The housing estate is characterised by an element of strong material consistency, a sort of wall that faces the urban context, as a protection for the interior. This plinth is a ventilated facade made with Stone-Collection porcelain plates. The coverage format is 30x120 and it emphasises the horizontal perception of the building and creates the material effect of a stone. The plinth interrupts to leave room to wide loggias obtained at the first level to enable the perception of the following space, while at the upper floor a lighter element has been embedded and it seems to be forcefully contained by the plinth, that elevates in the heads and it completes the short prospectus of the housing estates. The finishing materials try to relieve this elevating element, the white plaster connects with a silver metal coverage to mix up and amalgamate at the horizon, also the flap edges get round and join with masonry not to oppose eave lines that limit and give the clear and absolute perception of the height of the building.


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