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Cascina Merlata
Cascina Merlata is an innovative 900,000 sq m social housing project developed near the Expo 2015 ...
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Villa Antiparos
Villa Antiparos, designed by Peia Associati and 2016 winner of the residential category in the La ...
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Cena 23 Milano - Ventilated facade urban regeneration
Cena 23 - Milan
Cena 23 is a new building in an area which is the focus of a major ...
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Ventilated walls Villa Nesi TO
Villa Nesi - Ivrea TO
Ingenious messiness It is not easy for an architect to think up solutions for a context ...
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Fu Hua Chien Hsi
Designing emotions Building and transforming cities is always a very important task, a sort of credit ...
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Terraced homes, Venice
Small houses
The housing estate is characterised by an element of strong material consistency, a sort of wall ...
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