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  • Marco Acerbis


  • Ventilated façade


  • Public buildings and places of worship


The Strategic Innovation Centre, sponsored by the city of Venice and Ca’ Foscari University and designed by architect Marco Acerbis, ranks among Italy’s first-ever Class A + buildings (based on the CASACLIMA protocol). This is a very important project both in terms of the objectives of the advanced research that spawned it and the decision of the customer to certify it as a Class A + building, which entails designing and constructing an energy-efficient structure (Class A) that is also ecosustainable in relation to the materials used for its construction (A +). Marazzi supplied both the ventilated curtain wall system, which constitutes the most energy-efficient construction technology, and the ceramic cladding. The architect chose SistemA crystallized porcelain stoneware in black. This patented Marazzi product has Ecolabel and Leed certification, which shows that it is ecosustainable with over 40% of it obtained from recycled materials.


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