Multifunctional Centre "Le Tre Torri"


Brescia (BS) Italy


  • Raised floor


  • Offices and industries



The three office blocks are linked on the ground floor by a square overlooking the services and catering areas. They are part of a new development that is connected directly to the local motorway network. The slender buildings stand out against the flat horizon of the countryside and with the ambition of soon becoming a new urban landmark. The lofts are all double height with floor to ceiling windows so it was important that the flooring was sober and in a soft colour to enhance the rationality of the lines without interfering with the extensive views over the surrounding countryside and the city. Marazzi Engineering supplied and fitted the raised floors on all the upper floors using Marazzi glazed porcelain stoneware tiles attached to 30 mm thick panels of calcium sulphate. The cuts in the flooring were designed with the support of the builder’s technical staff (who was also the customer) to accommodate the air vents from the cavity. An important aspect of the job was the obligation to complete the tiling according to a strict schedule, part of an extremely tight timeframe related to the site’s intended use as a business park.


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