Multi-family dwelling - area Q43


(TO) Italy


  • Ventilated façade


  • Residential



The buiding renewal intervention in this area, that has a public -residential destination, is the first of a wider project that involves all the buildings of Q43 aerea in Torino, built in the seventies. The aim of the project is to solve the grave degradation problems in order to improve the dwelling quality, the technological and environmental renovation, the urban landscape, the creation of services for inhabitants, the reduction of pollution sources and energy consumptions. This first intervention has concerned 3 buildings each consisting of 6 floors for a total of 108 accomodations placed among Parenzo street, Val Della Torre street and Molise avenue. These have been built using a structure of prefabricated panels in place. In he original buildings the absence of cornices and the lack of suitability of the outdoor façade materials caused a grave degradation due to meteoric water run off. The facade panels, being unappropiately thick, have not been able to assure a sufficient thermal insulation, a lot of joints in the panels have unveiled and the detachment of concrete parts has exposed the iron. In addition when it rained, soakages from the corner of perimeter walls occurred especially on high floors. The choice to apply a ventilated facade has lead to the solution of these problems assuring a greater protection of perimeter walls from adverse weather conditions, a minor energy dispersion and a better control of indoor comfortableness. The thermal insulation of the buildings represents the most efficient intervention in the view of environmental quality and energy saving inside the construction.


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