Lecco (LC) Italy


  • Roberto Sennhauser
  • Matteo Milani


  • Ventilated façade


  • Residential


This new eight storey apartment block is in the northern suburbs of the city and has the advantage of magnificent views across the lake and the surrounding mountains. It stands out for the flexibility of its layout, reflected in its split facades punctuated by balconies, an element marking the prestige and distinction of its design. The ventilated facade was made using Marazzi fine porcelain stoneware tiles with exposed hooks and envelops the whole building, on all sides. It not only gives the block its distinctive looks, it also guarantees significant energy savings for the 60-plus families who live there. Marazzi Engineering supplied the facade system as a “turnkey” solution. By working closely with the architects when the final plans were being drawn up, it was possible to achieve perfect coordination between the size of the facade elements and the reference modules for the project. An innovative solution was developed to cover the windows jambs using Marazzi tiles with different finishes that were secured to the substructure using special adhesives and without mechanical restraints, in order to reduce the weight of the facing and optimize installation costs.


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