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Headquarters GFM S.r.l.

Mapello (BG) Italy

The company, which specialises in the supply of turbine and electricity generator components, built this new headquarters early in 2012, choosing a very modern, unadorned style for both the exterior and the covering materials used in the interior. The corporate logo is applied to a Marazzi Engineering ventilated curtain wall, which clads the building with EvolutionStone Luserna stone-look ceramic slabs in 60x120 size. Indoors, flexible, convenient raised floorings are used throughout the building. From the reception area and some of the building’s corridors, there is also a view of an elegant light well created using the ventilated curtain wall and exquisitely finished with Marazzi Treverk wood-look tiles in Teak colour, which give the area an extremely natural appearance.

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