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  • Paola Chiaverano


  • Raised floor


  • Hotel and catering, hospitality and leisure


The renovation project involved a building constructed in the early 1970s within an old late Neoclassical complex in the heart of the Lambro Valley Park. The building stands near to another dating from the Eighteenth Century, and every attempt was therefore made during the renovation project to ensure that the modern technologies used blended in with the architecture of the adjacent historic building. The materials used in the interior recall the natural materials, such as wood, used in the old building. To meet this requirement, Marazzi Engineering designed and produced a floating floor system of 60 cm modules finished with Treverk Marazzi slabs in a customised 15x60 cm size. The use of a wood-inspired ceramic covering gives the rooms a warmer “feel”, combined with the strength of porcelain stoneware and the high-tech benefits of a raised floor


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