'Ai Giardini' multi-family dwelling


(UD) Italy


  • Parmegiani Giuliano


  • Ventilated façade


  • Residential



The housing estate in the original project did not expect the use of a ventilated facade outdoor coverage. To adequately exploit the benefits of this technology without upsetting the original form of some essential elements it has been necessary to estabilish a strong collaboration among the designer, the buyer and Marazzi Engineering technical office. The latter has been able to propose suitable solutions for all problems even the aestethic ones. The variuos geometric modularity both horizontally and vertically made us afraid that it could not adapt to ceramic formats without the introduction of compensating elements, that would have interrupted the modular continuity of the coverage. For this reason it seemed more appropriate to use pavers formatted to be modulated according to the different measures of the facade. This solution was opposed by the buyer because he wanted to give the building more modernity. This lead to choose Stone-Collection porcelain in two shades, a dark and a bright one, in an horizontal format, that has been able to fully satisfy the aesthetic expectations, respecting architectonic elements of the project and assuring at the same time a modular uniformity of the coverage.


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