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Marazzi's services


In the field of raised floors, Marazzi Engineering is committed to offering its customers and designers a complete solution, comprehensive of a wide range of services. From the basic design to the final plans, from the actual production of the parts to the installation and assistance on site, Marazzi Engineering is able to supply “turnkey” raised floors or to offer its customers the expertise of its technical staff and its experience for the benefit of their projects and resources to resolve any issues concerning the appearance, features or technical specifications.

Advice prior to purchase
An important feature that sets Marazzi Engineering apart from the majority of other companies in the industry is its exceptional promotion and sales network with local sales staff based in all areas of Italy. Its far-reaching, highly qualified local presence enables Marazzi Engineering to respond promptly to any request for technical or sales support from customers or designers and to offer a professional service at all levels.

Technical Advice
Whenever necessary, Marazzi Engineering can offer a “turnkey” solution, working alongside designers from the early decisions through to the actual fitting of the floor on site, offering technical advice on the features (mechanical strength, resistance to wear,sound proofing and comfort), construction and looks (colour, finish and bespoke design) of the components of the raised floor.

Preliminary measurements
Marazzi Engineering works with designers for the preliminary inspection on site to verify that there will be no difficulties encountered when the parts of the raised floor are delivered and fitted. This is when the premises are measured up and the measurements are checked in order to have the data needed to subsequently develop the tiling layout and to define the type and quantity of materials needed for the job.

Marazzi Engineering takes the designer’s idea for the building or a basic plan and then prepares the final plans for the floor with the tiling layout. The design centre at Marazzi Engineering can prepare complete design solutions or develop technical solutions starting from the designer’s drawings, offering support so that the best product is chosen in terms of its looks, specifications and cost.

Design assistance
The rules for the development of a project are not set in stone; instead, the best solution is an optimum combination of final appearance, specifications and cost. Nevertheless, there are a few basic principles to bear in mind. Marazzi Engineering assists the developer pointing out the relevant questions for each project, such the floor plan, the access and the size of the premises along with any connecting rooms.

Construction details
During the design stage, Marazzi Engineering also explores the possible solutions for the construction in detail, such as floors of a particular height to overcome any unevenness of the sub floor slab with cantilevered structures, finishes and load bearing structures near any vertical openings in the premises.
Final plans Marazzi Engineering’s design centre can produce final plans starting from the tiling layout with detailed tiling charts for the site manager.

Once the tiling plan is completed, the floor can be assembled on site. When requested, Marazzi Engineering can commission experienced and qualified staff to do this, while controlling all stages of the assembly. Skilled technicians remain on site to control all the stages involved, including the accounts, to assure the finished product complies with the quality and budget set down in the project. Once the entire floor has been completed, Marazzi Engineering technicians check the joints are aligned and the floor panels are level, carrying out any further adjustments if necessary.

Use and maintenance tips
Proper, regular cleaning is essential to keep a raised floor looking good. Use the proper product for the specific type of covering. Marazzi Engineering can supplya set of maintenance cards with instructions for the day to day cleaning of various materials, on request. Marazzi Engineering can also advise its customers on gettingthe most out of a raised floor and on lifting the panels in order to inspect or maintain the services running underneath.