The pursuit for new solutions and the shift in market demands has driven the development of new lines of raised floors for use out of doors.

Marazzi Engineering, as part of its ongoing pursuit to address the new trends in the field, permits to realize raised floors also in outdoor, thanks to a studied technology with high technical, functional and aesthetical features.

Marazzi Engineering's outdoor raised floor offers:

  • immediate drainage of rain and other water (through its open joints) so the floor’s surface is dryer faster and ultimately safer for pedestrians
  • rain water can drain readily through the open joints into the channel systems directly underneath, eliminating rising damp and leaks
  • easily and rapidly, there is no problem in accessing the sub-floor for any checks and to repair the layer of insulation, if necessary, avoiding the substantial costs involved if a floor has to be demolished and rebuilt
  • raised islands above street level can be created (such as a gazebo in public areas) with a new, raised floor surface that is not affected by the weather the floors below are insulated by the air gap since the floor surface and the floor slab are separate, especially important in the summer
  • enhanced thermal insulation, guaranteed by the flow of air underneath the floor
  • can be fitted with lighting, irrigation and security monitoring systems. Structure of Marazzi Engineering's raised flooring for outdoors

Raised floors for outdoor use only have two elements:

  • the pedestal, made of durable plastic
  • the finishing slab, ceramic panels bonded with resin to increase their mass and load capacity

Marazzi Engineering has tested and approved a new lines of outdoor raised flooring: the line Stone, solution that offers slabs of natural stone, such Ardesia Cinza, Ardesia Verde, Pietra della Lissinia, all in 50x50 cm size.

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