Marazzi Group decided to add stone to its wide range of ceramic collections several years ago as part of its ongoing pursuit to address the new trends in the coverings market. Natural stone and marble are part of a rich and complex world, subject to a variety of classifications depending on whether the materials are considered according to their geological properties or their market value. The stones that Marazzi Engineering supplies for its projects can be divided into three broad categories:

  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Granite

These materials can be used either for bonded floor and wall coverings or as a surface layer in a technical system such as a ventilated wall or a raised floor, respecting the typical size and thickness of these applications.

This material has always been considered a prime material throughout the history of art and architecture, and comes from compact carbonate rocks. It results in an extremely elegant surface, with veins and colours that are unique to each slab. Marazzi Engineering can supply various types of marble, cut into bespoke sizes to meet any project requirements. Alternatively, it has a range of polished slabs in standard sizes.

Slate comes from shaley, semi-metamorphic rocks and is a very versatile stone, perfect for modern and elegant floors and walls. The traditional, natural cleft finish can be cut to customised sizes to meet specific demands or can be supplied in standard sizes.

Granite is extraordinarily resistant to stress and inclement weather. It is actually a silica rock (quartz) and owes its unique charm to its distinctive texture and colours. It can be cut to size according to the designer’s requirements or supplied polished in standard sizes.

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