Marazzi Engineering has a team of technicians and promoters who work exclusively in the field of stone coverings. This team has the benefit of Marazzi Group’s twenty years of experience in the complex and constantly evolving business of supplying and working marble and natural stones. Marazzi Engineering supports its customers right from the planning stages and helps them in their selection, choice and procurement of materials, through to the working of the products, with the primary objective of achieving an exclusive, high quality solution.

Marazzi Engineering's services:

Feasibility study
Its knowledge base puts Marazzi Engineering in a privileged position for supporting and advising designers starting with the preliminary plans, checking that the chosen material is suitable for the intended use, where and how easily it can be sourced, the stability of its specifications and colour and of course its cost.

Final design
Preliminary measurements on site and prepares the final designs (the tiling layout). The designs also include any bespoke solutions:

  • Combinations of stone, ceramics and other materials
  • Bespoke designs (trademarks, logos or decorations) made using water jet cutting
  • Artistic processes

Part of the added value that Marazzi Engineering lends to a project comes from its ability to establish solid and confidential relationships with the people who quarry and work the material. This makes it possible to select products that comply with specific standards and take into account the durability and colour of the material, safeguarding its high technical and aesthetic quality that is as uniform as possible. Its thorough knowledge of the dynamics of the quarrying industry, whose production capacity is far lower than many other sectors of the building industry, and its experience in site management place Marazzi Engineering in an optimum position to handle production and logistics relating to stone materials.

Marazzi Engineering monitors the working of the selected blocks to safeguard maximum compliance of the quality of the finished product. Customised jobs subject to very high standards are commissioned to skilled marble-workers who decide whether to employ the latest technology or resort to the old hand crafted ways, depending on the specific requirements.

The surface of the material is cut and worked to achieve the characteristic finish of natural stone:

  • Mirror polishing: the most traditional solution, used especially for marble and granite
  • Satin polishing: used mainly for prestige interior design projects
  • Brushed antiqued finish: this creates a surface with a soft and velvety texture
  • Sanding: used to achieve as flat a surface as possible that is ground uniformly and offers a reasonable degree of skid-resistance
  • Bush hammering or tooling: results in an uneven surface with a lot of character

Water jet cutting
Marazzi Engineering employs the latest technologies to do any type of customised design on request. Water jet cutting using CNC machines is particularly useful to obtain items with a curved profile with extremely small tolerances. With water jet technology, it is possible to line up various elements in a design that has virtually no joints, resulting in continuous decorative surfaces, offering designers almost unlimited freedom and enabling the combination of elements in different colours or materials to create complex, realistic or abstract visual effects.

Simulation prior to fitting
The layout is tested by means of a dry laying, or simulation, of the installation before the shipment of the materials, especially if they are made to a bespoke design.

Installation and after-sales service
Marazzi Engineering supplies a complete package for technical applications of natural stone and marble (ventilated walls and raised floors), using skilled workers on site who are supported and monitored constantly by our experienced technical staff. When required, Marazzi Engineering can also fit floor or wall coverings with its teams of highly skilled fitters.
Alternatively, it can provide ongoing assistance on site throughout the job, offering support and advice relating to:


  • Fitting techniques
  • Choice and use of the proper adhesives
  • Final treatment of the surface
  • Use and maintenance tips


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