Building Restyling

Redevelopment and reallocation

Modern buildings not only have to comply with their intended layout as seen on the plans, they are also designed to perform like an interactive and flexible, intelligent machine that is capable of adapting its functions and its appearance as time goes by. Alongside the constraints imposed by the obligation to control the amount of energy buildings now consume, computer networks, cabling and ducts for services, such as air-conditioning and lighting systems, have become a vital part of modern buildings, influencing the options open to builders and architects.

Marazzi Engineering designs ventilated facade and raised floors that provide them with an effective way of responding many of these demands. Marazzi Engineering’s systems of ventilated facade are efficient and quick to install, and two decades of experience prove it. They can be fitted to new or existing buildings: not only do they offer total control of the final look of a building, they also protect it against the weather and make a significant contribution to insulating it against heat and noise. Ventilated facade are also easy to take down and replace, simplifying any refurbishment plans in the future.

Raised floors make it easy to lay out cabling networks with the guarantee that connected users will be distributed perfectly and access points will be easy to change at any time. Marazzi Engineering’s raised floors not only guarantee a superior final appearance and excellent performance in terms of their strength and durability, indoors or outdoors, they also support considerable working loads and ensure a flawless performance, even in cases of heavy traffic.